5 Simple Techniques For It's time to prove our commitment to denuclearization

Through a parliamentary interpellation session on foreign affairs, unification and security on Tuesday, after the collapse of the second North Korea-U. S. summit agreement in Hanoi, Vietnam, a fierce battle broke out over your political situation on the Korean Peninsula, the dispatch of special envoys to the North, and inter-Korean economic cooperation measures such as restarting the Kaesong Industrial Complex and resuming tours to Mount Kumgang. Phase of the moon Jae-in the responsibility of the government according to the collapse from the U. S. summit and North Korea, including opposition parties overall flexibility for Unification Minister and gimyeoncheol the offensive, claiming the nomination of a withdrawal. And per share fishermen, deobul the defense, emphasizing this need for intervention from the government.

Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon talked about, "It is time for North Korea to prove its commitment to denuclearization by responding to a big U. S. proposal, " on response to criticism that talks between the North and the Circumstance. S. have been stalled since the collapse of the second Northern Korea-U. S. summit.

The prime minister made the remarks, saying that will the U. S. made a big proposal in Hanoi, Vietnam, for you to flesh out its complete denuclearization, and that the North appears not to be ready to give an answer to On the final result of the Hanoi meeting, Prime Minister Lee said it is pénible that the two sides failed to reach a final agreement, still called for considerable discussion regarding the declaration of the end involving the war or the liaison office.

Asked by Rep. Park Byeong-seok of the main opposition It's time to prove our commitment to denuclearization Minjoo Party of Korea about the Southerly Korean government's future plans, Lee said, "We are almost finished foreseeing out what the U. S. thinks, " and added, "We can be now in a phase of persuading North Korea again after hearing the North's intentions. "

"After comparing the pros and cons of several candidates, I thought it would be okay, " Lee talked about of Unification Minister nominee Kim Yeon-cheol. "I think I know the fact that there was an action that went beyond theft, probably because in the long period of living as a free man. "

"No one imagined that President Donald Trump and North Korean leader .k Jong-un would meet in Singapore or Hanoi, " Democratic Party councilmancouncilperson, councilwoman Kim Doo-kwan said. "Although no agreement was reached, President Moon was first the only one to bring Kim to the negotiating table. very well Park Byung-suk of the same party also said, "It is unhappy that the Hanoi talks ended without the adoption of an commitment, but we have made significant progress. " He added, "For several hours, we knew exactly what the other party was thinking and even approached the substance, and 비트코인 리딩방 the draft bill, which was not predetermined, contained the establishment of a mutual liaison office between the U. S. and North Korea, the declaration of an end of the exact war, and humanitarian aid. "

However, lawmakers from Korea Yoon Sang-hyun, said the United States is the denuclearization of North Korean commander Kim Jong Il still (since the Hanoi meeting) but that your dog would not believe that we believe that the people. Cheating was basically out as areas, said “Moon Jae-in and the denuclearization of Northern Korean leader Kim Jong Il is 비트코인 리딩방 a complete fraud the authorities guarantee a deal” and beard. A miraedang itaegyu the gimyeoncheol micron multiple choice of candidates with regard to the unification minister pick is Moon Jae-in that such a talent 비트코인 리딩방 pool of people not to mention the Government. It seems to be 비트코인 리딩방 out of touch, " and additionally called for the withdrawal of the nominated candidates.

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